How to win...

Just like on the tatami, you’ll have to play by the rules to win!

This is an adventure for your imagination and creativity. Apply the values of judo in a personal illustration and win fantastic prizes. We wish you all the best of luck!

Prizes & Winners

1 category (under 14 years old), 88 winners:

  • 8 Winners- select by the IJF jury - will receive a customized judogi
  • 50 T-shirts and 30 Mascots selected by random


Drawings will be chosen by Voting Commission:

  • Clarisse Agbegnenou
  • Christa Deguchi
  • Varlam Liparteliani
  • Rafael Silva

The IJF will announce the winners on the IJF website and they will also be notified by email.

Instruct: Submit as many times as you like!

Feel free to make use of your creativity by hand-illustrating your favorite value in action, as long as you comply with the rules listed below:


Respect the rules and you could be the biggest winner! Here’s our friendly guidelines for your illustration entries:

  • Show one of the judo values in action – what does the value mean to you?
  • Every illustration has to include a judogi
  • Get creative! You can use any artistic instrument to create your illustration (for example, pencil, crayon, paint, graphics, etc.)
  • Action in the illustration must be in the spirit of Judo
  • You can submit more than one illustration, but they should be totally different between each other
  • Anyone who tries to submit an illustration which breaks the above rules will receive a direct hansoku-make (disqualification)!
  • No profanity
  • Cheating caught during the procedure will cause a disqualification
  • Copyright laws must be followed
  • IJF reserves right to commission appointments

Anyone who tries to submit an illustration that breaks the above rules will receive a direct hansoku-make (disqualification)!




25 March

Announcement of the contest

6 April

Launch of the contest

25 May

Internal check

1 June

Winners Declared + Random